What's the point of life-tyme?

I used to waste a lot of time going across multiple sites and was never certain that I am current on all my friends updates. When I built this a lot of people got interested and I decided to turn this into a open system available to anyone. Trying to post something to Facebook, and Instagram, and LinkedIn? Do it in one shot.

How do you ensure security with my various accounts credentials?

We do not store your private account credentials but just your public profile information and allow you to see all the data from the different networks in one place.

How do I get started?

1. Register for an account and wait for the invitation.
2. Sign up just requires you to create a secure password.
3. Click on the lifetyme icon and enter your account credentials for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. See all feeds on one page.
4. Click on "Users" and find your friends on Lifetyme. For friends you follow you will get all micropost updates in the lifetyme column.
5. Click on Home and create posts that you can share with other lifetymers.
6. Notify Friends and Family without Facebook accounts. Finally they can connect with your online life.

Whats this cost me?

Nothing, other than time saved. We've said this earlier - but it's relentless to try to manage multiple online profiles... so, we ask that you don't. Here, just access your information, share what you want to, and make sure to tell your friends.

What's the deal with uploading files?

Let people who follow you be instantly updated that you shared a file - a photo, a document or anything you choose to. You have 2 MB per post to start with and we are working on providing options to purchase more storage.

What browsers does the site work on?

The site currently supports Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers. Check to make sure that you have the latest installation.

What do I do if I am having problems with login with Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram and accessing the homepage?

This is likely a slow response time from Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram servers. Please try to refresh the page in a few minutes.